Back in 2010, the Land government organised the 'Erlebnis NRW' competition. The Nature Conservation Centre in Kleve District was among the winners with its proposed 'Experience the Rhine Meadows' project. At the end of 2011 the Nature Conservation Centre received approval for the funding. The project idea was implemented  between January 2012 and May 2015.


The project is financed by funds from the 'European Fund for Regional Development' (EFRD) as well as by the Land NRW within the context of the Ziel2.NRW Programme - Regional Competitiveness and Employment – Erlebnis NRW.


In order to be able to permanently provide the project elements that have been established the Nature Conservation Centre has sought regional supporters and partners. They had already supported the project in the implementation phase, and from 2015 onwards, together with the Nature Conservation Centre, will provide the financial security to ensure that the necessary maintenance work can be carried out.