Dear Visitors!

You can actively help to protect nature and its inhabitants, especially in the nature conservation areas, if you follow a few simple rules. Keep on the paths. These areas are primarily there for the undisturbed development of nature with its plants and animals, and not for our recreation. Rare birds may feel disturbed by your trip to the countryside and move away if you leave the paths. Our feathered friends will also be very happy if you keep your dog on a lead because: Ground-breeding bird species are so greatly unsettled by dogs playing on the meadows that they leave their clutches, and the eggs cool down or the young chicks have to starve. This is especially tragic if the birds are a rare breed, such as the redshank or lapwing. To maintain the equilibrium of this ecosystem, please make sure that you don't bring any plants or animals with you. And vice versa, whatever is here, should stay here! So please don't take any animals or plants from the areas home with you. Oh and by the way, only the soles of your shoes should be 'smoking' on your walk, please don't light any fires here. And the last rule is so obvious that we actually hardly need to mention it: please don't leave any rubbish in the countryside!