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The Emmerich Rhine Bridge

It certainly is strange that something so long can bring two places so much closer together. Without the longest suspension bridge in Germany between them, Emmerich and Kleve would be much further apart from each other. When the bridge was completed in 1965 it was an incredible relief for traffic in the region - without a bridge, the Rhine is quite an obstacle. Its length also makes the most northerly Rhine bridge in Germany interesting, especially for engineers. From below, consideration had to be given to the river, which often bursts its banks. For this reason there are no bridge ramps but rather "forebridges" that span the Rhine's flood plain. But it is not only the substructure of the bridge that takes special account of the landscape. Above, the wind plays a major role without being seen. The flat Lower Rhine landscape provides it with a vast approach area, with the result that the Emmerich Rhine Bridge has to be closed from time to time. At these times, the 800 metres of bridge are an unpredictable risk, especially for large trailers. They can be blown over like a toy. For cyclists even a gentle wind is annoying if it is head-on. But on inclement April days there is an impressive view from the Emmerich Rhine Bridge. The river is grey and turbulent and looks very like the North Sea into which it flows. The Rhine ships' bows ploughed through the waves as though they were on the high seas. But it is relaxing in gentle sunshine. Then you can stand above the river, following its course with your eyes or allow the panorama of Emmerich to wash over you from this unfamiliar perspective.