Birds have to work

Birds have to work - don't scare them!

Birds are usually timid animals, which makes watching them not very easy. You could think that this was the reason for building the bird-watching wall here. You can take your time to watch the birds on the Rees Waard through the viewing slits. But it is at most a quarter of the truth that the wall is there for our convenience.
If we look around we can see a diverse habitat with the most varied bodies of water, open grazing land and woodland. It provides a habitat to a great variety of bird species. The vast number of geese who overwinter here is sufficient testimony of how attractive the area can be to birds' eyes. But birds don't judge an area by its "beauty"; they have to survive in it. There is not much time for breaks. A day is filled from dawn to dusk with eating and, at the appropriate time of year, also with rearing young. If we disturb birds with our presence, they will fly up into the air seeking safety. OK, maybe the pigeons in cities don't any more, but normal birds do. During the time that they are fleeing, they aren't eating. If this happens frequently at an inhabited site, it can quickly become life-threatening, especially during the winter months. At the very least, an environment very quickly becomes less attractive and more sensitive species move away. The privacy shield is thus there for the birds - not us humans. When watching birds always remember: at this precise moment the birds are surviving! Please don't disturb them.